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Please use our schedule of all the events, there is in the Municipality of Middelfart. It is free to use and everyone can participate. 

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We are a family who have lived in Middelfart since 1989. We have always wanted a place where there was a comprehensive overview of the many events and opportunities for experiences that are in the municipality and, where possible, to plan further into the future.

The Internet has become so infinitely large, and there are really a lot of sites in Middelfart. It's hard to remember them all, and many get stuck when they have to look at so many websites to find out what the options are.

Our goal in Middelfart Online are:

  • The page may come to be the umbrella over all these websites, so you quickly and easily can find contact information on what you are looking for, in the local community
  • To draw attention to all the wonderful opportunities in local communities in the Municipality of Middelfart
  • To give you the information you need, whether you have just moved to our lovely municipality, you are a tourist or you've lived here for ages.
  • To contribute to strengthening the social life, culture, tourism, debate, associations, local events and business
  • It is very important to us that everyone can participate equally.

It required no membership of any kind and it's free for anyone to put events in our calendar.

We hope that many will take advantage of this, so it may help to provide a good overview of events in our community for the benefit of citizens, businesses and tourists.

If you wish to go beyond using the free facilities the site offers, to be part of our company list, it will costs an administration fee. It is also possible to place adds on the page.

We hope that you will welcome us and help spread the word about this site so that it can be beneficial to all.

- Ulla Vitus Bering -