Emergency calls

Emergency medical service of Southern Denmark:


Phone: +45 70 11 07 07
Address: Kløvervænget 25 
Zip code.: 5000 Odense C
Map: Lægevagten
Homepage: Click HERE
Opening hours: Weekdays: 16:00 - 08:00
  Weekends and holidays open 24H

Call in advance
You can not turn up without having called in advanceWhen you call, it will be a doctoryou're going to talk to. Based on your description of the disease and the symptoms the doctor will assess whether you should be examined by emergency medical servicewait until your GP reopensor a phone consultation is enough. The doctor can also assess that the consultation must take place in your home.

When you call
Have your Social Security number or social security number of the person who is ill, ready when you call for emergency medical serviceYou will be prompted to enter the social security number of the waitIn this way, the name and address is already found when you talk to the doctor. You should also be aware that all telephone calls in emergency medical service will be recorded and saved.

When can you be treated?
Region of Southern Denmark has made ​​some so-called service level of emergency medical serviceService targets are a guide to how fast you can expect to get help from the emergency medical service.

  • The waiting time on the phone must usually be under 5 minutes
  • Distance to the nearest point of consultation must be less than 30 kmIn certain areas and at night, the distance may be slightly higher
  • Consultation or sick visit should usually occur within 3 hours after you have been in contact with emergency medical service.

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Emergency dental medical service

If you need emergency dental care outside normal opening hours, please contact the dental emergency medical service on telephone +45 6541 4551
The dental emergency medical service performs emergency treatments, who can't wait until your dentist reopens. It may be, for example pain management and emergency treatment for toothache, minor damage to your teeth and lost fillings.

  • You can call the dental emergency medical service, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 am -12 in one of the region's two dental clinics.
  • You must attend treatment between 10 and 12, by appointment by phone. Finishing treatments can be done after 12 PM, depending on the size of the task and the bustle at the clinic.

You may be treated by dental emergency medical service in two places in Southern Denmark: 

Tandlægevagten Fyn

Heden 7, 3. sal
5000 Odense C

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Tandlægevagten Syd- og Sønderjylland

Sundhedshuset Sct. Joseph
Nørregade 63 A
6700 Esbjerg

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The dental emergency medcal service is driven by health insurance agreement. This means that the local municipality pays for the treatment of children under the age of 18 who are Danish citizens. Adults pay for their treatment and must also pay a surcharge to be treated outside of the normal opening hours.
The price will be minimum 850,- DKK on Saturdays, Christmas and New Year's Eve and at least 1150,- DKK on Sundays and holidays. You should expect to pay the dental emergency medical service immediately. The exact price depends on the treatment you receive.


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1-1-2 Emergency 

Phone: 112
Homepage: Click HERE

112 is the nationwide emergency number to be used if:

  • There's been an accident, a serious crime or outbreak of fire
  • There is a danger of life, property or the environment
  • There is an urgent need of police, ambulance, fire brigade or environmental emergencies

When you call 112, you will be asked the following:

"You have called alarm 112 - Please hold - keep the connection to alarm 112" The call vwill be passed on to a 112 - operator, who will ask you the following:

  • What has happened?
  • Where has it happened?
  • When has it happened?
  • Whitch number you are calling from? (Notice that the central can locate your phone number)
  • Where to send the aid?
  • How many injured there is?

It is important to keep calm at all times, and to stay on the phone!

All 112 emergencycalls will be recorded!