Emergency calls

Injury Clinic:

Phone: +45 63 484 195
Address: Østre Hougvej 55
Zip code.: 5500 Middelfart
Map: Lægevagten
Homepage: Click HERE
Opening hours: Weekdays: 08:00 - 22:00

Injury Clinic

is an alternative to the emergency roomwhere you can get treated for minor injuries.
You do not call ahead to get on the injury clinic.


Help with minor injuries
The specially trained nurses in injury clinic, will help you if you:
Have cut yourself
Has fallen and hit you
Have been bitten
Have Got a bruiseyou can not clean
Must have changed bandage.
Have been slightly Burned
Has been stung by a bee and need antidote
Has been burned by a jellyfish
Must have removed a tick
Do not know whether you have a fracture or a sprain
Have got nosebleeds, you can not stop
Must have removed a foreign body from the eye or nose.
The nurses in the injury clinic can refer you to the emergency room if your injury is found to be worse than expected.

When can you be treated?
Region of Southern Denmark has made ​​some so-called service level of injury clinic. Service targets are a guide to how fast you can expect to get help when you are selling to injury clinic.
Within one hour, 95% of all emergency department patients to be treated.

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When a person gets cardiac arrest, a race against the clock begins. The first few minutes are vitalAnd many lives can be saved if you use the minutes right: Call 1-1-2start CPR and have fetched a defibrillator.

Whit a cardiac arrest the heart usually begins to flicker, because the electrical signals in the heart is out of hand. This means that the heart can not pump blood and oxygen to the body.

An electric shock with a defibrillator will often cause the heart to beat normal again. And the earlier you can give the electrical shockthe greater the chance that the person will survive.

The chance to have a successful heart start, is declining by about 10 percent perminutes, so the important thing is that you do somethingWithout your help, the person does not survive.

It is located AEDs around the Municipality of Middelfart, as seen on the map. Keep updated where the nearest defibrillator is in YOUR neighborhood.

You can read more about what to do, on this website  http://www.hjertestarter.dk/Kort.

Punch in your address and zip code, and it will show you where the nearest unit is.

Read more about Defibrillator and cardiac arrest on  http://www.hjertestarter.dk/Hjertestart or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defibrillation



24H emergency service at Strib Animal clinic:

To contact the vet on duty, call +45 6440 1011



24H Emergency service at ODENSE DYREHOSPITAL:

Phone: +45 70 26 40 80
Address: Rugårdsvej 105
Zip code. 5000 Odense C
Map: Odense Dyrehospital
Homepage: Click HERE
Opening hours: Weekdays: 17:00 - 08:00 thursday from 19:00
  Weekends and holidays, open 24H


A consultation at the emergency vet, costs 1.540,00 DKK incl. call supplement. The cost of medications and clinical materials should be added to the price.

Veterinarian Visits has to be paid in cash. Creditcard or cheks can also be used.


Emergency room Odense Universitetshospital (OUH)



Address: Kløvervænget 25, entrance 64
Zip code.: 5000 Odense C
Map: OUH
Homepage: Skadestue
Opening hours: 24 hours
Yderligere information:  

Emergency Room 

The ER is open round the clock throughout the year and treat all types of major injuries. You do not call in advance if you need emergency care.

Means for major and serious damage
All emergency patients, like trafic victims or people with cardiac arrest are brought for treatment in the emergency roomIn less acute cases, you can even visit the emergency room, if you for example:

  • Have a broken arma finger or something else
  • Has been severely burned
  • Has fallen and hit his head
  • experience that your chronic disease (for example, COPD or asthmasuddenly has worsened.

Minor injuries such as wounds and sprains can get treated in the emergency clinic.

When can you be treated?

Region of Southern Denmark has made ​​some so-called service level for the emergency room. Service targets are a guide to how fast you can expect to get help, when you are addressing the emergency room.
Within one hour to 75% of all emergency room patients to be treated
Within three hours, 95% of all emergency room patients to be treated.
In the emergency room you will be able to see the current waiting time for the emergency roomyou are in and the next emergency rooms and emergency clinics.