When a person gets cardiac arrest, a race against the clock begins. The first few minutes are vital. And many lives can be saved if you use the minutes right: Call 1-1-2, start CPR and have fetched a defibrillator.

Whit a cardiac arrest the heart usually begins to flicker, because the electrical signals in the heart is out of hand. This means that the heart can not pump blood and oxygen to the body.

An electric shock with a defibrillator will often cause the heart to beat normal again. And the earlier you can give the electrical shock, the greater the chance that the person will survive.

The chance to have a successful heart start, is declining by about 10 percent per. minutes, so the important thing is that you do something. Without your help, the person does not survive.

It is located AEDs around the Municipality of Middelfart, as seen on the map. Keep updated where the nearest defibrillator is in YOUR neighborhood.

You can read more about what to do, on this website  http://www.hjertestarter.dk/Kort.

Punch in your address and zip code, and it will show you where the nearest unit is.

Read more about Defibrillator and cardiac arrest on  http://www.hjertestarter.dk/Hjertestart or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defibrillation