Emergency room Odense Universitetshospital (OUH)



Address: Kløvervænget 25, entrance 64
Zip code.: 5000 Odense C
Map: OUH
Homepage: Skadestue
Opening hours: 24 hours
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Emergency Room 

The ER is open round the clock throughout the year and treat all types of major injuries. You do not call in advance if you need emergency care.

Means for major and serious damage
All emergency patients, like trafic victims or people with cardiac arrest are brought for treatment in the emergency room. In less acute cases, you can even visit the emergency room, if you for example:

  • Have a broken arm, a finger or something else
  • Has been severely burned
  • Has fallen and hit his head
  • experience that your chronic disease (for example, COPD or asthma) suddenly has worsened.

Minor injuries such as wounds and sprains can get treated in the emergency clinic.

When can you be treated?

Region of Southern Denmark has made ​​some so-called service level for the emergency room. Service targets are a guide to how fast you can expect to get help, when you are addressing the emergency room.
Within one hour to 75% of all emergency room patients to be treated
Within three hours, 95% of all emergency room patients to be treated.
In the emergency room you will be able to see the current waiting time for the emergency room, you are in and the next emergency rooms and emergency clinics.