1-1-2 Emergency 

Phone: 112
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112 is the nationwide emergency number to be used if:

  • There's been an accident, a serious crime or outbreak of fire
  • There is a danger of life, property or the environment
  • There is an urgent need of police, ambulance, fire brigade or environmental emergencies

When you call 112, you will be asked the following:

"You have called alarm 112 - Please hold - keep the connection to alarm 112" The call vwill be passed on to a 112 - operator, who will ask you the following:

  • What has happened?
  • Where has it happened?
  • When has it happened?
  • Whitch number you are calling from? (Notice that the central can locate your phone number)
  • Where to send the aid?
  • How many injured there is?

It is important to keep calm at all times, and to stay on the phone!

All 112 emergencycalls will be recorded!